Final Year Thesis Project - Redesigning Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

IN:CASE (2017)

A student's journey from habitat to home.

Arte Povera (2014)

Exploring objects and materiality through sculptural practice.

Higher Design (2012)

Paper lamp inspired by natural forms.

Higher Art (2012)

Days At Sea

YOME (2017)

Don't Change Home, Change Your Yometry

Imperium (2016)

Exploring control within a threshold.

Craca (2016)

A thoughtful alternative to the traditional Christmas cracker.

Oasis (2016)

Redesign of post-industrial building in future workplace.

Hermit Homes (2017)

Exploring Abandoned Spaces

INCURV (2016)

Illuminate Your Expression

Tri-Stool (2015)

Highlighting loneliness and homesickness among students.

Shifting Cities (2015)

Pavilion exploring the development of Dundee's waterfront.

Life Drawing

A selection of life drawing studies.

Out of the Woods (2014)

A sculpture inspired by and constructed from the pages of a book.

Abstracted Landscape (2014)

Canvas 80x80cm - Mixed Media

GLASS (2015)

Materiality Experimentation

GOLD (2015)

Textile Experimentation

A Journey Through My Eyes (2015)

Illustrated Journey Book

Creative Drawing (2014)

Still Life Drawing


Exploring issues surrounding mass production of products.

Sea Spray (2015)

S.H.E.D. Simple Hut Expandable Design